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Some History and Background on Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren, born Ralph Lifshitz, in 1939 in the Bronx, NY, studied art and design at the City College of New York and business at City College in Manhattan. A student by night, he worked for a necktie manufacturer during the day. After a tour of military duty, he was married and had three children. 

Lauren’s experience in the necktie market led him to a staggering idea. Why not make them wider? With this idea and some financing, he founded the Polo label in 1967. He founded Polo Fashions of New York with the quote 

“A tie was the way a man expressed himself. I believed
that men were ready for something new and different. 
They didn’t want to look as if they worked for IBM. A beautiful tie was an expression of quality, taste, style.”

The name Polo came from a sport that embodies a world of discreet elegance and style. 

In 1970, Ralph Lauren won the Coty Award for Menswear. He continued that decade by releasing a daring line of suit for women tailored in a classic men’s style. The Polo player’s emblem was first seen on the cuff of one of these woman’s suits. In 1972 Polo’s famous short sleeve mesh shirt appeared with the omnipresent Polo player logo. Debuting in 24 colors it offered variet, quality and style and became an overnight classic. A line of copy from an original ad read “Every team has its color-Polo has 24”.

Ralph Lauren continued to gain recognition for his clothing design after he was contracted to provide clothing styles for the movie The Great Gatsby. An immaculately dressed Robert Redford appeared in his daring pink suit. 

During the 1970`s, Men’s fragrances began to be taken more seriously as a marketing category. Several companies entered the market to give men an array of products to choose from. Ralph Lauren’s contributions were Polo for Men After Shave Balm, Polo Cologne for Men, Polo Crest for Men, Polo Sport Cologne, Polo Sport Extreme Cologne, Romance Cologne for Men, Safari Cologne for Men, as well as the Rodeo, Haute, and Premiere Collections for Women

In 1983 Ralph Lauren debuts his Home Collection of towels, bedding, rugs and table coverings. Over time this line evolves to include crafted home furniture. 

In 1992 Audrey Hepburn presents Ralph Lauren with the CFDA Lifetime Achievement Award. In 1999 Ralph Lauren announces a corporate gift of $13 million to Save America’s treasures and preserve the Star Spangled Banner. 

In the year 2000, Ralph Lauren media launched; the first luxury designed e-commerce web site in the US.

Ralph Lauren is not only creative in the “product” sense, he also realizes that packaging and presentation are of paramount importance. Some of his most popular fragrance products are favorites today. Product such as: 

Glamorous for Women, 2001. Glamourous Perfume by Ralph Lauren contains a rich blend of pearl flower, plumeria, lily, ginger flowers, tuberose, Siam wood, Cashmere musk, and vetiver. 

Lauren Perfume for Women is a signature blend of rose, marigold, violet, jasmine, pineapple, carnation, lily of the valley, lilac, vetiver, and cedarwood. 

Polo for Men After Shave Balm. was created by Ralph Lauren in 1978. Polo for Men is a sharp blend of leather, wood, tobacco, basil, and oakmoss. 

Polo Cologne for Men was created by Ralph Lauren in 1978. Polo Cologne is a sharp blend of leather, wood, tobacco, basil, and oakmoss.

Polo Crest for Men was created by Ralph Lauren in 1991. Polo Crest Cologne is a unique blend of jasmine, basil, patchouli, fir balsam, vetiver, and oakmoss. 

Lauren is considered one of the first designers to sell "lifestyle", taking fashion beyond a single item of clothing like a dress or a pair of pants. His fashions encompassed It was the whole look and everything that goes with it; colognes, perfumes, cosmetics, accessories, sheets, drapes, and even paint!

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