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Women's Specials A to Z

Women's Specials A to Z

Women's Specials - Occasionally we obtain special merchandise which may be an aesthetic variance from standard. Examples of this may be unboxed products or product that may have been originally designed to be a demonstrator. Packaging may vary depending upon availability. On these kinds of products we may offer a special price or it may enable us to offer you the hottest new product. This is where we list those products.

Beyond Paradise Perfume for Women by Estee Lauder - 3.4 oz EDP Spray (unboxed) beyparperfor$62.99
Chance for Women by Chanel - 6.8 oz Body Moisture (unboxed) 20719$42.99
Connexion Perfume for Women by Lancome - 3.4 oz EDT Spray (unboxed) 20677$59.99
Curve for Women by Liz Claiborne - 6.7 oz Body Lotion (unboxed) 9869100506$19.99
Dare Perfume for Women by Quintessence - 3.4 oz EDP Spray (unboxed) 25010$22.99
Design for Women by Paul Sebastian - 6.6 oz Body Lotion (unboxed) 71639302946$19.99
Jones New York Perfume for Women by Paul Sebastian - 1.7 oz EDP Spray (unboxed) 20610$39.99
Miracle So Magic Perfume for Women by Lancome - 1 oz EDP Spray (unboxed) mirsomagperf$32.99
Mitsouko Perfume for Women by Guerlain - 3.1 oz EDT Spray Refill (unboxed) 20845$59.99
Norell for Women by Revlon - 5 oz Elegant Shower Gelee (unboxed) 3531$9.99
Only Perfume for Women by Julio Iglesias - 1.7 oz EDP Splash (unboxed) 20630$24.99
Realm Perfume for Women by Erox - 1.7 oz EDT Spray (unboxed) 75641499030$21.99
Red Perfume for Women by Giorgio Beverly Hills - 1.6 oz EDT Spray (unboxed) 20282$29.99
Red Door for Women by Elizabeth Arden - 3.3 oz Body Lotion (unboxed) 8580555710$14.99
Safari Perfume for Women by Ralph Lauren - 1 oz Pure Parfum Splash (unboxed) 20084$149.00
White Linen Perfume for Women by Estee Lauder - 1.75 oz Parfum Spray (unboxed) whitlinperfo4$45.99
White Linen Breeze Perfume for Women by Estee Lauder - 3.4 oz EDP Spray (unboxed tester) whitlinbreez$62.99
White Shoulders Perfume for Women by Parfums International - 2.75 oz Cologne Spray (unboxed) 71934695104$26.99

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